Sustainability is a common term nowadays. But sustainability does not come with words but with a conscious management. Concepts such as cradle to cradle, waste water reuse and energy saving are therefore leading for our business operations.
Seafarm is sustainable in various areas.


Seafarm strives to reduce its use of non-sustainable raw materials. This can only be done by fishing with a knife and if nature permits. The boxes in which razor clams and fish are packaged will be made from biobased material in the future. As a result, these packages can of course be broken down, with low environmental impact.


The water within the cultivation system is recycled, so the waste pressure for the environment is minimal. Furthermore, Seafarm is constantly looking for possibilities to make its waste water cleaner, and to use it as a raw material for other cultures. This includes an algae or seaweed filter so it can serve as food for shellfish.


By fishing only to order, fishing is less frequent and more efficient, so less fuel is used. Furthermore, the turbot breeding system is 80% more energy efficient than a normal fish farm. This is because the water in the Seafarm nursery flows largely under free fall. The nursery also does not use heating; the water is heated by means of the bacteria that clean the waste water.