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Welcome to the website of Seafarm. Seafarm catches, processes and exports razor clams in Europe. Next to this, Seafarm operates the most sustainable and energy efficient turbot farm of Europe. To make this economical sustainable we are innovating on a continuous basis. These are not only our words; we have won multiple awards and prices.

Alvast een leuk idee voor de naderende feestdagen! De lobster- of fruit de mer box. Met zo'n zeer complete box hoef je tijdens het kerstdiner niks anders te doen dan de tafel dekken en aan te schuiven. Beide boxen zijn te bestellen via (onder vermelding van je naam, adres en tel. nr.) en af te halen in de proeverij. Een box kost €45,- per persoon en bij iedere bestelling voor twee personen ontvang je een leuke verrassing!

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Seafarm Oysters
With our knowledge of water, water quality, shellfish and our love for oysters, we started an oysterfarm under the name Seafarm Oysters.
We finish (affinage) the oysters in our pure salt well water, which ensures an unique full taste. The oyster is a premium as an appetizer at diners and parties.

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Bij Seafarm is het nu ook mogelijk om onze visproducten thuis te bereiden. Via bestel je namelijk een heerlijk menu. Afhaaltijd tussen 11.30 en 20.00 uur.
Have a look at our fish farm? For the amount of € 12,50 (child up to 12 years € 7,50) you will get an exclusive tour behind the scenes. The price includes a consumption and a delicious amuse. The tour will take place on the following days: March 23rd, April 13th, May 25th, June 15th, July 6th, August 17th, September 14th, October 19th, November 16th and December 14th 2019. We come together at 10.45 am in the restaurant. Registration is required and can be made by sending an e-mail:
Seafarm Seafood & Proeverij is a restaurant in the Seafarm building in Kamperland. The restaurant is the last link between the processing of the products and the final consumer. In this way, the consumer is always guaranteed of the freshest quality available at the moment.
At Seafarm and in their breeding house Fry Marine, they are engaged in aquaculture. This is the artificial cultivation of fish, crustaceans or shellfish, such as oysters, lobsters and mussels. The Ministry of Economic Affairs grants funding for projects in which fish farms invest in aquaculture.
At the initiative of Murre Techniek, a new steam cooker has been developed with Seafarm, which, despite a short heating, keeps the maximum cooking weight. This leads to more efficiency for Seafarm.
In the immediate vicinity of Kamperland but also the rest of North Beveland is a lot of nature and there are sights that can be visited by bike or on foot. There are also plenty of opportunities along the way to have a rest and a snack or a drink.