A salty and sweet shell with a juicy bite, 1-2 cm large. They have a white creamy color. These shells originate from the Adriatic Sea, where they can be found deep under the sand. Lupini is the smaller sister of the vongole, it is a delicious shell that is available all year round. In the winter in a soup or pasta, in the summer just on a plate.

The Lupini can be packed in the following polystyrene boxes, if necessary. combinations can also be made between different shellfish in the poly box.

  • 3×1 kg / box
  • 5×1 kg / box
  • 6×1 kg / box
  • 10×1 kg / box

Lupini packed under protected atmosphere: Wealso have the option to pack Lupini fresh daily under protected atmosphere for you. These are delivered in leak-proof trays (so-called trays), which are packed in an outer box, for which we have the following options:

  • 300gr. tray – 4 or 10 per outer carton
  • 350gr. tray – 4 or 10 per outer carton
  • 500gr. tray – 4 or 8 per outer carton
  • 800gr. tray – 2 or 4 per outer carton
  • 1000gr. tray – 2 or 4 per outer carton

Prices and delivery: Our products are delivered via selected wholesale channels. If you are curious about which wholesaler you can purchase our products from, send an email to: .As a private person you can also taste or buy your fresh products in our restaurant Seafarm Seafood & Tasting to cook at home.