Our mission is to deliver a high-quality product, so that the relationship of trust with our customers is continuously strengthened. Environment and animal-friendliness are the starting points here. In addition, Seafarm wants to be the most innovative and efficient company, and to radiate this. In addition, to encourage other entrepreneurs to become more innovative, and to cooperate with them. Seafarm is also willing to enter into a dialogue with NGOs in order to gain an (environmentally) critical view of its activities. Seafarm wants to develop itself through innovation into an even more environmentally responsible and animal-friendly farm and shellfish processor. Seafarm wants to handle natural resources with care at all times in order to guarantee these also for future generations.


Seafarm wants to occupy an important position within the Netherlands with regard to the production and processing of shellfish. Seafarm sees itself as an adviser and / or operator of new or to be converted shellfish storage systems and companies, which are set up in an environmentally friendly and animal friendly manner. Seafarm intends to become the most efficient company, keeping physical labor to a minimum through the use of innovative automation.