Vongole Veraci (Tapas Semidecussatus / Ruditapes Philippinarum)

Seafarm brings the first MSC certified Vongole to the Dutch and Belgian market since 1 June 2020.

The vongole can be supplied under an MSC label because they are fished on a small scale with hand trawls operated from the boat. This takes place daily from the start of the season on 1 June, in the natural inland harbor at the seaside resort of Poole on the south coast of England. Poole is a beautiful area where many sustainability initiatives are being developed. Every morning the catch from the day before is delivered to Seafarm.

  • Available packaging:

    Mesh bag 1 kg / 500gr and MAP 350 gr / 500 gr

Vongole are otherwise fished mainly in Portugal and Italy. In Portugal they are fished in the same way as the cockles in the Netherlands. So with the hand bar, sometimes they are also dived by hand. This is because then the deeper situated “plots” can also be fished
In Italy, fishing takes place with small boats (8-12 meters), which also use a fishing basket. This fishing basket is at the front of the ship and is raised every time after they have fished a few meters. Later this vongole is brought to a cooperative, where they are selected and prepared for shipment.As soon as the vongole arrives at Seafarm, they are immediately released and watered in our salty spring water. To ensure that they have been correctly diluted, the dilution process takes at least 36 hours. In the salty spring water we can store the vongole for up to 2 weeks, without this resulting in a reduction in the “meat weight”!

We offer Vongole in 2 sizes:
Normal     80/100 pieces per kilo
XL             50/80 pieces per kilo

It is and remains a natural product, as a result of which the sizes of the shells can vary weekly and per fishing area.

The vongole can be packed in the following polystyrene boxes, if necessary.
combinations can also be made between different shellfish in the poly box. 3×1 kg / box5x1 kg / box6x1 kg / box10x1 kg / box
Fresh Vongole packed in a protected atmosphere: We also have the option to pack vongole fresh in a protected atmosphere for you every day. These are supplied in leak-proof trays (so-called trays), which are packed in an outer box, for which we have the following options:

300gr. tray – 4 or 10 per outer carton

350gr. tray – 4 or 10 per outer carton

500gr. tray – 4 or 8 per outer carton

800gr. tray – 2 or 4 per outer carton

1000gr. Tray – 2 or 4 per outer carton

Prices and delivery: Our products are delivered via selected wholesale channels. Are you curious about which wholesaler you can purchase our products from, send an email to: info@seafarm.nl .As a private person you can also taste or buy your fresh products in our restaurant Seafarm Seafood & Tasting to cook at home.