Winkles (Littorina-Littorea)

Winkles are mainly hand-picked in Ireland. They also occur in the Netherlands and other Northern European countries, but are not picked up for business purposes.
The periwinkles are delivered to Seafarm several times a week. After the entry check, they are put in the salty spring water. They are supposed to crawl against pillars, as it were.
Those who attach to the posts are good and fresh enough to pack them. Winkles that do not crawl at all cannot be sold.
This is a very important trajectory, so if they have not crawled properly, this will be reflected in a terrible stench in your pan.
The sizes are: 120/180, 180/250 and 250+ pieces per kilo.
The periwinkles can be packed in the following polystyrene boxes, if necessary. combinations can also be made between different shellfish in the poly box.
3×1 kg / box5x1 kg / box6x1 kg / box10x1 kg / box
Fresh periwinkles packed in a protected atmosphere We also have the possibility to package fresh pitchers daily in a protected atmosphere for you. These are supplied in leak-proof trays (so-called trays), which are packed in an outer box, for which we have the following options: 300gr. tray – 4 or 10 per outer carton 350gr. tray – 4 or 10 per outer carton 500gr. tray – 4 or 8 per outer carton 800gr. tray – 2 or 4 per outer carton 1000gr. tray – 2 or 4 per outer cartonPrices and delivery: Our products are delivered via selected wholesale channels. If you are curious about which wholesaler you can purchase our products from, send an email to: (link)As a private person you can also taste or buy your fresh products in our restaurant Seafarm Seafood & Tasting to cook at home.