Witte Venus (Spisula solidissima)

Like the cockles and palourdes, white venus is fished with a hand strap and / or with hand-operated fish traps. They occur in small numbers, in various countries, such as; Ireland, England and Scotland, but also in France and Portugal in some bays. The shell varies from creamy white to brown. The soft meat contains more salt than the meat of a carpet shell, but the taste is equally fine and fruity.

It is a very fragile product, so the way they are fished and treated is very important for the final quality of the shells. This product is usually available from November to May.

The white venus can be packed in the following polystyrene boxes, if necessary. Combinations can also be made between different shellfish in the poly box.

  • 3×1 kg / box
  • 5×1 kg / box
  • 6×1 kg / box
  • 10×1 kg / box

Fresh cockles packed in a protected atmosphere: We also have the option of packing cockles fresh for you in a protected atmosphere on a daily basis. These are delivered in leak-proof trays (so-called trays), which are packed in an outer box, for which we have the following options:

  • 300gr. tray – 4 or 10 per outer carton
  • 350gr. tray – 4 or 10 per outer carton
  • 500gr. tray – 4 or 8 per outer carton
  • 800gr. tray – 2 or 4 per outer carton
  • 1000gr. tray – 2 or 4 per outer carton

Prices and delivery: Our products are delivered via selected wholesale channels. If you are curious about which wholesaler you can purchase our products from, send an email to: info@seafarm.nl .As a private person you can also taste or buy your fresh products in our restaurant Seafarm Seafood & Tasting to cook at home.