Adri Bout and his son Dave, founder and directors of Seafarm, come from a real fishing family. In 1965, after the Veerse Gat Dam closed, the Bout family moved from Veere to Colijnsplaat. Just like his father and three brothers, Adri also build his own life in sea fishing. Together with his trawler and crew, he would be out at sea every week to fish mainly for flatfish and cod in the North Sea.


However, Adri Bout realized that sea fishing is not infinite. Imbalances between nature and sea fishing lead to increasingly strict regulations and in 1993 Adri decided to take a totally different approach. He starts a fish farm with a few partners. In addition, Seafarm is investigating in 1996 whether profitable fishing and processing of razor clams is possible. After developing a suitable fishing method for these shellfish, the next task for Seafarm is to develop the market.


This balance is crucial in the entire catch and processing process. This process already starts in the logistics chain, because fishing is only done to order. The shellfish are brought on board with an innovative catch method, after which the tiny specimens are returned to nestle again in the sandy bottom. The natural stock is so large that this form of exploitation does not pose any danger to nature.


Fish farms are not new in the Netherlands. Already in the 1980s, many farms were converted to raise catfish. The breeding of salmon has also seen an enormous advance. So much so that the salmon has changed from a luxury product into an everyday product with dramatic consequences for the price development and the survival of the salmon farms. The challenges for entrepreneurs in the fish farm lie in the responsible cultivation of new species and opening up the corresponding market.



Seafarm employs around 25 permanent employees. They work in various fields, such as the processing of razor clams and shellfish, the fishery, fish farming and administration and personnel. Because a large part of the staff is at home in various work areas, it is possible to exchange workplaces. All our employees are very enthusiastic and motivated. Partly because of this we can guarantee our high quality. Seafarm also has agents in various countries such as Spain, Italy and France. This means a fast delivery on these international markets can be guaranteed.


Our mission is to deliver a high-quality product, so that the relationship of trust with our customers is continuously strengthened. Environment and animal-friendliness are the starting points here. Seafarm wants to be the most innovative and efficient company and encourages other entrepreneurs to become more innovative, by cooperating with them. Seafarm develops a dialogue with NGOs in order to gain an (environmentally) critical view of its activities.



Seafarm wants to occupy an important position within Europe with regard to the production and processing of shellfish. Seafarm sees itself as an advisor and / or operator of new or to be converted shellfish storage systems and companies, which are set up in an environmentally friendly and animal friendly manner. Seafarm intends to become the most efficient company, keeping physical labor to a minimum through the use of innovative automation.