Daily fresh we can offer you the following crustaceans:


Norway lobsters are caught in small baskets (creeling) by small day boats and sorted and tubed at sea by the fishermen. This allows us to select only the best quality and the younger Norway lobsters go back into the water. They fish in the nutrient-rich class A waters off the northwestern coast of the Scottish Highlands (Ullapool, Gairloch, Isle of Skye).
Creeling is considered the most environmentally friendly way of fishing and has a minimal impact on the seabed (as opposed to trawl fishing). The Norway lobsters are collected in various ports on the west coast, which gives us good continuity in quality and supply.
We then take them to the processing facility, where the Norway lobsters are cooled in seawater for 24 hours before they are packaged and transported to Seafarm for refrigerated transport. In general we see much larger Norway lobsters (XL / L) from the beginning of the year until April and then we see an increase in the smaller sizes. From the end of May to the end of July we usually see small sizes and from August to mid-September fishing is not a good period due to the reproduction cycle.


We purchase the best quality fresh Eastern Scheldt lobster from a very experienced family business. This long-term relationship is based on mutual ethics of ensuring the best quality.
We can therefore offer the following lobsters to our customers in any desired weight and per piece or per kilo:
Oosterschelde lobster (these can be caught from 1 April to 15 July) oosterscheldekreeft
Canadian lobster (available all year)
European lobster (available all year)


This crab is fished weekly in the North Sea by means of baited pots. Normally the crabs are inserted between the large claws, making them easier to handle.
Our fisherman do not stab the freshly caught crab, so that the quality of the meat remains fresh and will not spread an ammonia smell after a few days. By keeping these crabs alive in basins, we can deliver these daily fresh in the following available sizes:
400-600 grams
600-800 grams
800-1000 grams
1000-2000 grams